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Quarterly magazine Geluit – Luthinerie

Our magazine Geluit – Luthinerie is published quarterly with news from our association and interesting news from the lute world such as new CDs and releases, concert announcements and reviews.

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Our yearbooks are intended as a kind of reference work with lasting value. They contain articles that can be both musicological and historical, but which always have a connection with the lute and its history.

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Self-published publications

The lute in Antwerp during the Ancien Régime

Musicologist Godelieve Spiessens wrote the series of articles Lutenists of Antwerp exclusively for Geluit. As the culmination of this series, the Belgian Lute Academy is publishing Ms Spiessens book: The lute in Antwerp during the Ancien Regime.

This work provides an overview of lute references from their earliest mention in the Antwerp archives.

Ms Spiessens has established that Antwerp was home to an important school of lute playing, with as its foremost proponents Emmanuel Adriaenssen, Joachim van den Hove, Adriaen Denss, and Gregory Huwet. Her conclusions are amply reinforced with illustrations of lutes and lutenists by Antwerp Masters.

The publication also contains the very first lute instruction books published in Antwerp. Ms Spiessens transcribed the ‘Livre Plaisant’ (1529) en ‘Dit is een seer Schoon Boecxke’ (1568) in modern notation, thus making them available for a broad public.

The text has been translated into English, French, and German.

Twelve songs for Renaissance Lute with seven strings (Thysius manuscript)

tablature & notes by Christine Ballman

EUR 6,00 for sendings in Europe.

Cello Suite BMW 1008 Johann Sebastian Bach

tablature for baroque lute & fingering by Agnès Tamignaux.

EUR 6,00 for sendings in Europe.

German and Italian dances from the end of the 16th century

Pieces from the mss Stuttgart (Mss.GI4/11-13.) and Genova (Bibliotheca Universitaria, Ms. F. VII.1)
Transcr. & Comm. by Dr Christine Ballman

EUR 6,00 p&h in Europe.

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