Steering Committee

Christine Ballman


musician (guitar, lutes, vihuela) musicologist (specialty early music) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Greet Schamp

secretary and final editor of our magazine Geluit Luthinerie.

Studied at the Antwerp Conservatory and obtained first prizes in solfège, music history, guitar and lute.
Focused on early music and attended seminars with Jos van Immerseel and Conrad Van de Weetering.
Played in various ensembles and accompanied lute songs, old dances, duo with Nadine Duymelinck.
Gave guitar and lute at the academies of Mortsel and Wilrijk.
In 1996 one of the co-founders of the Belgian lute association.

Tom Van Eygen


Bernd Haegemann


Renzo Salvador


RENZO SALVADOR specializes in the manufacture and restoration of plucked string instruments.

Lutes, guitars, theorbos, old harps are available to you on order and made to measure. Instruments built with the greatest care and total respect for their history…

Ariane Renel