La Chambre Bleue – Sofie Vanden Eynde en Deborah Cachet

Blue : the colour of the star-lit sky; the colour of Urania, the muse who holds the world in her hand. In Madame de Rambouillet’s Salon bleu, the «Précieuses» converse with one another in an elegant setting regardless of frontiers, with all the refinement of 17th century style. Three lady musicians recreate the colours of these graceful «Précieuses»: take your comfort in tones which, like words, dress up truth in light blue satin veils.

In this new programme Sofie Van den Eynde will be joined by the young Belgian soprano Déborah Cachet, who already has an impressive career in baroque music. She works with Le Poème Harmonique, L’Archéron and Correspondances amongst others.

Music by M. Lambert, R. de Visée, M. A. Charpentier and S. Le Camus