Laydie Louthians Lilte – Pantagruel

We are happy to announce that our new CD, Laydie Louthians Lilte is now available from Click here to Order.

This time the scene moves from Elizabethan England of our last CD Elizium to Jacobean Scotland,  presenting the whole gamut of ï¿œwordlyï¿œ music that was played back in early 17th century Scotland. So alongside the Scots dances and songs there are lute songs by John Dowland, Robert Johnson, Robert Jones & Thomas Ford and English Broadside ballads. 

There are a number of those “World Premiere Recording” things, including the “Yee Gods of Love”, an amazingly beautiful lament of distant Irish origin, plus the equally memorable but more up-tempo”Over the Mountains”, “Then Wilt thou goe”. One of the abslute highlights is the just over 8 minute long epic “Venus & Adonis”, combining excerpts from the famous Shakespeare”s poem, a “never before recorded” ballad text (sorry to mention it again, but some people really get off on this never before recorded stuff) and lots of wild cittern and Bass-lute “riffing” (All of the cittern pieces have also never been recorded before J).

It was recorded in Colnrade, a small village in North Germany, (you can see a “Making of Video”, listen to MP3 excerpts at out MySpace Blog here).

The local church has been used for a number of award winning recordings and had an absolutely fantastic acoustic.

It comes in one of those new fangled fancy Discbox-Slider, with a CD in good old fashioned Vinyl look and a fold out text sheet.