Solo Lute Music – Michele Carreca & Giacomo Gorzanis:

Giacomo Gorzanisblind, Apulian and citizen of the magnificent city of TriesteItaly, almost the exact half of XVI century. A lute virtuoso of the Renaissance, Giacomo Gorzanis, coming from the South East of Italy, establish himself in the far North East city of Trieste, at that time under the protection of the Habsburg’s family against Venice ambitions. Nothing is known about his life before that time, exept what he writes in the front cover of his books. His music follows the styles of the time, both in the genres, forms and music ornamentation, while showing at the same time a strong recognizable sign.

This cd is the first monography on Gorzanis’s lute works. It contains a consistent majority of world first recordings, coming from the fourth book of lute tablature, published posthumously by his son Massimiliano, plus a selection of pieces coming from other sources.

The booklet contains biographical notes and a short presentation of the music choiced by the interpreter.