Edward Martin: virtual concert and new CD

Edward martin will be performing a virtual concert on June 14th, 2021, at 9 p.m. EST. This concert will be able to be viewed after the festival up to mid September of this year.

This is a part of the Boston Early Music Festival 2021, and this concert was recorded to be broadcast on June 14th. Gamut Music did the audio, and PBS did the video for this event. It was recorded at the Sacred Heart Music Center, and it will be able to be viewed after the festival up to mid September of this year.

It is a premiere performance in the USA (as I performed it in Europe previously) of the works of the Dutch Baroque Lute Music of Johannes Fresneau. It will be on June Monday, June14th at 9 p. m. EST, 8 p.m. CST.

Fresneau, was recently discovered by Dutch scholar Jan Burgers. Although the iconographic sources of paintings of lutes in 17th Century Netherlands are widespread, until now, there had been no music of Dutch baroque lute surviving. Therefore, this music represents a new composer and a new genre – Dutch baroque lute music. Both sublime and beautiful, this music is of high quality and unique.

The performance will be available on the Boston Early Music Festival fringe series after the premiere, and will be available for viewing up until mid September for those unable to see the premiere. There is no admission charge.

On June 14th, Gamut Music is releasing a professional recording, “Les Larmes”, the Dutch Baroque lute works of Fresneau. It is available on CD or digital download, and there is a pre-release sale for $10.00 USD.